If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “soft life” several times over the past couple of years. And in those years, I’ve noticed that many of the girls have found themselves entangled in a web of myths around money and how it relates to having a soft life.

Soft Life Meaning

In my mind, it’s where financial serenity, easy lifestyle, and mental clarity seamlessly intertwine.

Walk with me for a moment- let’s explore the idea that these myths have been holding us back from truly experiencing financial liberation and easy living. It’s my hope that this post does not discourage you from living your best life but empowers you to reshape your relationship with money and guide you towards a softer, more prosperous life.  

Money Myth #1 – More spending equals more happiness.

When you log into #softlife TikTok, you might notice how all the girlies are glorifying their exceptional dining experiences, casually going on shopping sprees at the best designer stores, and traveling to exotic destinations across the globe sipping on the best champagne and attributing it all to the soft life.

In this discovery, you may assume that the ability to live this same lifestyle is the only way to have a soft life. But it’s not, it just creates the illusion that acquiring and indulging in lavish experiences are the gateways to happiness.

The reality is, having access to a fortune will absolutely make you feel less stressed about having the things you desire. It’ll also satisfy the aesthetic you might be chasing. But happiness and a life of ease require much more than material things. 

black woman soft life

Money Myth #2 – Luxury is too expensive.

If you still desire to live a more luxurious lifestyle, it’s very important to recognize that luxury doesn’t always mean expensive. You can live a life of luxury without overspending and putting yourself in debt. Overspending and trying to keep up with strangers on the internet or in real life, will actually result in you living the opposite of a soft life.

True luxury lies in the art of discernment and appreciating the value of living within your means and avoiding overindulgence. Doing this not only protects your financial well-being but also paves the way for a more sustainable and authentic experience. 

Money Myth #3 – Having a soft life means you should put in minimal effort in the work you do. 

Black women specifically have always been so attracted to the hustle culture. We were taught to be independent boss chicks and work twice as hard as our counterparts.

Well, a result of that mindset is burnout. And adopting the soft life is a direct push back to hustle culture. Some believe that living a soft life means minimal effort in doing good work.

However, working hard can actually set you up to have a more fulfilled life. Doing work that fulfills you and enables you to earn a stable income is the ultimate set up for a very soft life. 

Money Myth #4 – You can’t live a soft life and be financially independent. 

This myth perpetuates the notion that comfort, financial security and hard work cannot co-exist. We all see the girlies showcase their version of living the soft life that includes being spoiled by an amazing man who lives to give her the life she desires. And while that’s an amazing thing to experience, achieving financial independence does not diminish that appeal.

In fact, it should enhance that experience. Living a true soft life is building a strong financial foundation with or without a partner that gives you the freedom to make choices that align with your desires and values regardless of anyone else. 

Money Myth #5 – Living beneath your means you sacrifice comfort. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about your mindset. Living beneath your means is a strategic approach to financial well-being, which is definitely an attribute of a soft woman. Other attributes include the ability to spend responsibly, set strong financial boundaries, and prioritizing sustainable comfort over fleeting extravagance. 


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