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Hi, I’m Airess. I’m the owner and editor of the nerd bae. I wanted to start a blog for the technical aspect. Earlier this year (2019) I began my search to rediscover myself in the workforce in a more technical role. The challenge presented itself as I was looking for new tech positions but quickly realized that if I did not want to sacrifice a piece of my salary, having experience is a must!! So, I decided that the quickest way to gain experience  is to create and maintain my own digital space. 

I don’t have a niche topic for this blog, it’ll just be a mashup of my life experiences, travels, and my opinions about pop culture.


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Fun Facts

Zodiac 🙂

Sagittarius whaddup 

The Perfect Date

The perfect date would include Netflix and chill with takeout from an expensive restaurant in a foreign country with good weather.

I don't like...

Mushrooms, olives, liver, beets, squash, small talk

Wait.. What??

I was hit by a car on a bicycle when I was 9.. had to rock crutches and a neckbrace for a few weeks

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