Let’s get real about money. As a millennial woman, I’m all about transparency when it comes to finances. Picture this: You’re on your grind every day, earning money, trying to save, blah blah blah, and at the end of day, you realize you may not be in control of your destiny. This is when it’s time to realize you need “Fuck You Money”.

I know, I know, it’s a term that’s as bold as it sounds. But what does it really mean? Well, it’s all about having the power to say, “I’m out!” to any situation that compromises your values or freedom due to financial constraints. And no, this concept is not just about being rich, it’s about being free. Can you even imagine? We’re about to dive into why every woman needs it and what it ultimately means. 

I was chit chatting with a woman recently who was telling me about wanting to divorce her husband, but she couldn’t because she wasn’t set up financially to do so. Set up meaning, having enough to live on her own and split the financial obligation to their children. I knew that her situation was not unique but it put things into perspective for me. As a result, she’s unhappy in a home where she does not want to be.

On the flip side, I have a friend who was in a similar situation, unmarried but lived with her partner and has two children; upon deciding that the relationship was over, she purchased a home immediately and was able to move along with her life.

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I bring these opposite yet parallel situations up to help you visualize what having “Fuck you money” looks like.

It’s having the freedom to make decisions that could have a financial impact on your livelihood. Get it? The amount of money differs from person to person but it’s essentially enough to not have a care in the world. Listen, I can identify with both women to some extent. Lord knows it’s just easier to have the financial comfort of 2 incomes where your income is considered supplemental. However, having the ability to throw up the peace sign whenever you want is so freeing.   

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How it started…

“Fuck you money” is a term that gained popularity in the world of finance and business. It refers to having enough wealth or financial independence to be able to make decisions without worrying about the consequences, particularly the loss of employment. It eliminates the need to compromise for financial reasons. While its exact origin is unclear, it has been used in various ways by successful entrepreneurs and investors. The concept embodies the idea of empowerment through financial stability. 


Having stable employment is half the battle to obtain “FU money”. I had someone tell me recently that they were feeling so uneasy about the layoffs at their place of employment. So much so that they had basically checked out mentally and was essentially waiting for their turn. Yikes. That’s not exactly the mind you should have but it further explains the importance of having “FU money”. 

Maintaining Integrity.

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Integrity is non-negotiable, even when you’ve got “Fuck you Money” in the bank. Hear me out: just because you have the means to walk away from a relationship or slack off at work, doesn’t mean you should. Integrity means staying true to your values and commitments, even when you have the freedom to do otherwise.

So… yea… it’s not a good look to ditch your man because you’re annoyed sis. It’s also not a good look to be intentionally mediocre at work just because you have the freedom to not be there. Instead, use your financial independence to elevate your standards, uphold integrity, and make choices that are in alignment with your life’s desires.  

Why every woman needs fuck you money.  

Now let’s talk about why every woman needs FU money in her arsenal. Look, there’s nothing wrong with being supported and cherished – it’s downright beautiful and I’m so here for it. But here’s the thing, that support should never come at the expense of your independence or more importantly, your happiness.

Imagine a world where you as a woman can harness your feminine energy to attract the support you deserve, all while knowing you have the financial resources to stand tall on your own! It’s giving “high-value woman”, sis. It’s a good look. It’s about being able to chase your dreams, unencumbered by the whims of outside sources. 

Let’s talk about the impact of fuck you money on business and employment, particularly when it comes to motherhood and family planning. Imagine this: you’re excelling in your career, but you also have children or dreams of starting a family. Having this extra money, gives you financial security to take a temporary hiatus from work to care for your children without worrying about financial strain.

It’s about having the flexibility to prioritize your family while still having the means to contribute to your household. Because let’s face it, as mothers, there may come a time when we need to step back from our careers to focus on our families. And with extra money set aside, we can do so without sacrificing our financial stability or independence.

As we wrap up, let’s get real about how to get it. It’s important to be realistic about the journey ahead. 

While the concept sounds empowering, it’s crucial to understand that building a substantial bank account takes time and effort. According to recent statistics, only a small percentage of individuals achieve true financial independence. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Start by setting achievable goals, creating a budget, and investing wisely.

Consider side hustles or entrepreneurship to boost your income. Remember, every step counts, no matter how small. And most importantly, give yourself grace along the way. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is Fuck You Money. Start today, stay committed, and watch your financial freedom grow. You’ve got this.


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