Check out this much needed conversation I had with a Facebook friend of mine about  height-ism and color-ism!

I wanted to join this episode on his podcast because I had recently had a few passionate conversations with a couple of friends about colorism and thought it would be worth speaking more openly about it on this podcast.

Enjoy! Listen and let me know what you think in the comments!

#NobodyListensToMac Ep. 5 – Height-ism, Color-ism and other ism’s Featuring @TheNerdBae


  1. I do see a difference in the way dark skinned folk are treated. My cousin definitely got “compliments” that said “You’re so pretty for a dark skinned girl” and my dark skinned friends definitely received more attention in comparison to my light skinned friends, even if they were cuter. I’m happy that wasn’t your experience sis, but it’s the narrative for many. And cops do treat dark skinned Black dudes as more violent than light skinned ones. That goes back in history as the darker the slave, the more aggressive they were considered (“brutes”). I watched friends of mine in music not get opportunities because of their skin color (the label execs actually SAID that to their faces.) it’s still an issue and one that while we’ve made progress, needs more addressing.

    • I hear you, it would be naïve for me to think there isn’t a difference in the way people in general are treated based on many factors including skin tone. My point is that from what I’ve seen and experienced, character, personality and attitude ultimately determine outcomes. But I agree, I think we should definitely continue the conversation. Thank you for reading!


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