When I decided I wanted to pursue a more technical career, I assumed it was as simple as learning how to code. Naturally, I think a lot of people prior to doing research, believe the same.  I think this misconception is a deterrent that needs to be cleared up. Although learning Python or JavaScript as a way into tech was intriguing, the thought of really locking in to learn it didn’t excite me. Only after searching for tech positions did I realize how many roles were available that did not require coding! 

If you’re looking to transition to a career in tech without learning how to code, consider searching for tech positions that align with your current skill set. Coursera is a great place to earn certificates in the tech industry that don’t require coding but help prepare you for the tech role you’re looking to transition into by adding simulated projects in the courses. Because let’s face it, even though you have the skills to do the job, nothing compares to actually having experience in the exact role you’re applying to.   

Here are a few In-demand tech jobs and their estimated salaries that do not require coding. Be sure to check out Bukola’s video below as she goes in depth on each of these career paths. Her channel is also a great resource if you’re looking to transition to tech. 

4. Customer Success Manager

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