If you’re wondering how you can effortlessly level up your look without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place. These tips will work for busy professional women, working or stay-at-home moms, and really any woman just wanting to look put together at all times. There’s nothing better than looking and feeling good about yourself every day. 

Bumming it isn’t terrible, but let’s be honest, you look kinda how you feel. So the occasional bummy look is cool, specifically when Aunt Flo is in town, but on a regular basis, make the extra effort to get yourself together. And it’s really easy, simple, and doesn’t cost a lot.

Below, I’m going to give you some free game on how to take your everyday style to the next level. Now, if you catch me in the streets with sweats on and my favorite 10-year-old Adidas, mind your business. Just know, most days, it’s giving clean, classy, Black girl excellence. You know the vibes.

9 ways to level up your look.

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1. Keep your hair done.

Making sure that your hair looks good is the easiest way to ensure you’re looking good. I don’t care if your hair is curly, relaxed, locd, buzz cut, or faded, just make sure it looks like something before you go about your day. If you’re having a bad hair day, wear a cute silk head wrap or a ball cap. Just make sure it looks like you’ve made an effort to get it together. 

And if you don’t have hair, that’s cool too. That makes it easier to ensure you look good. One less thing to worry about. 

If you’re a plain Jane like me, a slick back pony or a messy bun will be your go-to style. This is an effortless way to level up your look as your hair can easily be your best accessory. Keeping your hair on point doesn’t involve breaking the bank either. Head over to YouTube University, the girls will show you how it’s done. From hair care to hair styling, it’s all there.

A good hair care regimen and styling should cost no more than $50 per month if you’re doing it yourself. If you’re a salon girl like me, no more than $150. 

2. Clean up your brows.

Aim for your brows to look like sisters close in age. They don’t need to look like twins or even have the perfect arch, but they should be filled in and cleaned up. You can achieve this with an eyebrow razor, pencil or a powder.

My best friend put me on to the powder method and it’s hard to go back to using a pencil but trust me, they both do the trick. If you’re feeling a little extra fancy, pair the brows with mascara for your eyelashes, and just like that, you took your look to a new level. You can get a brow razor, pencil or powder for less than $20 and they last for months.

3. Wear lip color.

Another way that you can effortlessly level up your look without breaking the bank is by adding lipstick or a good lip liner to your get-ready routine. Having a full face of makeup isn’t always necessary to look really good.

Understand that your natural face, its tones, and imperfections are what makes you the most beautiful and most unique. But… a good lippie will definitely enhance your natural features and level up your look. You can get a good lip pencil and lipstick for less than $40.

4. Dress for the occasion.

This is where you can have the most fun. What you wear is a way to really express yourself and tell a story about what you’re into. Remember, less is more, and classic looks never go out of style. 

Basic tees, black pants, any color jeans, and your favorite shoes are all you need to look decent. If trendy looks and fast fashion is your thing, sites like Fashionova, Shein, and Pretty Little Thing always have sales. 

But if you hate waiting for clothes to arrive in the mail like me, head over to your closest H&M and shop the sales. And if you want to spend a little bit more, my favorite place to shop is Zara. 

A basic look from either of these places can cost anywhere from $30-$80 not including shoes and accessories. The goal with clothing is to look very clean and comfortable.


5. Always smell amazing.

Next to hair, the way you smell is super important and adds to your overall look. Throw the whole look away if it’s not paired with a scent that compliments your natural body odor. An everyday scent might include floral or fresh notes. 

One of my favorite morning scents is Dot by Marc Jacobs. It’s super clean, and fresh and doesn’t do too much, but definitely turns heads. 

A good scent can change your whole mood and influence those around you. You don’t have to break the bank here either, most full-size designer fragrances will cost upwards of $100 but you can easily get a travel size for $30; it’ll last around a month if you use it every day. 

But before your spray yourself down with perfume, make sure you’ve showered with your favorite Dove or Dr. Teal’s soap, oiled your body to keep your skin moisturized, and put on deodorant. It starts here. 

Products for a good hygiene routine should cost no more than $40 and could last up to 2 months.

6. Keep you nails done.

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There’s just something so sexy about a woman with manicured nails and pedicured toes. It screams clean and girly and well taken care of.

You don’t have to go to the salon either. You can buy a manicure kit and nail polish from basically any drugstore for less than $20. And if you’re feeling fancy and want longer nails, you can buy press-on nails for less than $15.

This is a really easy and affordable way to level up your look. 

7. Workout

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This goes without saying babes, keep yourself in shape. Physical fitness not only helps you level up your look but it also improves your mental health. You’d be surprised at how much you can get away with when you have a banging body.

Find a gym buddy and a timeslot where it makes sense for you and make fitness a part of your daily or weekly routine. If working out is not your thing, make it your thing because it’s so important. Even if it’s just walking for 30 minutes every day. It’ll make a difference.


8. Wear jewelry.

Having jewelry on can take your look from basic to luxurious. Even if it’s just a pair of earrings and a necklace, it takes your look to the next level. It’s worth saving at least $100 to get a few good pieces that will last a very long time. 

9. Be confident.

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The best thing you can do to level up your look and it’s totally free is to be confident. It’s the sexiest thing any woman can wear. When you look good and you know you look good, exude that and radiate confidence and it’ll captivate everyone around you.

Wear your confidence as if it’s your crown and watch how it effortlessly elevates your presence. 


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