A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tasha, she’s a digital media coordinator and a fellow loc star. After stalking her Instagram and realizing she was going through a career transition, I wanted to dig a little deeper into her life to see what was really going on. Changing your career path is such a courageous thing to do because it feels like you’re basically starting over. So, I’m happy to share Tasha’s journey below.

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Tell me a little bit about yourself…

Hi! I’m Tasha! DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) native, living in Atlanta, GA. I moved to Atlanta almost a decade ago for college! (that makes me feel SO old, lol).

My formal education carries a Bachelor of Arts from Clark Atlanta University in Mass Media with a concentration in TV and Film Production.

Post-graduation, I worked in TV and film in some capacity or another. And now, I’m mostly self-taught in my transition into tech.

I’m a 26-year-old, single, Black, LG(B)T woman in Atlanta (yes representation!)  

I don’t follow any specific religious ideology but, my grandfather recently gifted me my first Qu’ran. My grandfather has studied every major religion and is deeply spiritually in tune.

I consider myself more “spiritual” and I’m definitely one of those meditating, sage-burning, “don’t touch my crystals or my locs” kind of girls.

And I’ll never understand how the phrase “Grand Rising” got demonized but that’s a conversation for another day lol.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a digital media coordinator.

How long have you been in this role, and what were you doing before? 

I have been in this role for a little under a year, and before this, I was working in the TV & Film Industry as a Producer and Set Designer

What inspired the change? 

I decided to make a career change due to the lack of stability in the TV and film industries. Currently, there is a writer’s strike occurring across all cities, and film crew unions are also threatening to strike if the writer’s demands are not met.

This strike stems from concerns about writers and creators being replaced by AI. In 2022, there was a strike by IASTE Local 479 that halted production for several months.

Prior to that, the industry was heavily impacted by the pandemic, and unfortunately, there are not many creative work-from-home opportunities in TV and film.

Meanwhile, there was a significant tech boom during the pandemic, which convinced me that the future lies in that direction.

I didn’t want to be left behind, so I made the decision to transition into an industry that offered more stability while still allowing me to express my creativity through design.

What advice would you give someone looking to pivot into your specific role?

digital media coordinator skills

Networking should be a top priority! Take every opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry, whether it’s attending events, joining online communities, or engaging with like-minded individuals.

Building relationships opens doors to valuable insights, mentorship, and potential collaborations. Also, staying updated with the latest trends by subscribing to newsletters and following and engaging with other digital media professionals on social media.

Lastly, innovation and creativity, If you think of something, TRY IT! Experimentation is so valuable. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works for your audience and what does not resonate with them.

What do you do outside of your full-time job?

Outside of work, if the weather is nice, I love to be outside. Spending time in nature, traveling, or just grabbing a drink with a friend(s) on a cute little rooftop or sitting poolside with a good book.

You know, soft girl life tings lol.

My other interests include hiking, reading in general, writing, and researching. Which I spend the majority of my free time doing. I love knowledge and learning, so I am a lifelong student.

I also enjoy attending conferences, workshops, and networking events centered around tech, design, finance, or whatever topic I am fixated on at the moment. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

My alarm goes off at 7 a.m., and I snooze until 7:30. I hate waking up and getting straight out of bed, so I set my alarm 30-45 minutes ahead of when I actually need to get up. I do this to help myself ease into waking life lol.

After I’m out of bed, I like to do a quick 10-minute yoga or stretching session, then go outside for 5–10 minutes and sit in the sun. Next, I plan out my tasks and priorities for the day in my planner.

Then, I do my hygiene routine, read a few pages of my monthly book, then start my workday by checking emails and starting on my task lists or meetings if I have any scheduled.

I like to have lunch between 12 pm and 2 pm but some days we just gotta get it in where we fit in. On a good day, by 8:30 pm, my laptop is closed for the night, unless there is a pressing deadline (I’m an expert in procrastinating), and my bedtime is 11 p.m. because I don’t play about getting my full 8 hours of sleep.

How do you manage work-life balance? 

digital media coordinator

My work-life balance is literally so important to me. Like a top priority. I recognize the significance of taking time for myself to recharge and rejuvenate, and I prioritize self-care. I also don’t let work keep me from attending important family or friends’ events.

I will absolutely schedule the time off to ensure I can fully participate and enjoy these special moments.  Also, I work in what I call “productivity cycles”.  Inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, I structure my work sessions into focused blocks of 45 minutes to an hour, followed by 10-15 minute breaks in between.

This method allows me to maintain high levels of concentration during work periods and provides regular intervals for relaxation or just a mental break before starting another set of tasks.

By using this approach, I am able to remain proactive, and productive. And I avoid mental fatigue throughout the day (most days).

Where can readers find you?

Readers can find me on Instagram @TashaTech__ or Twitter @TashaTheTechGirl. 


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