If you’re one of those naturally super productive people who live for a packed schedule, being on time and are always in a great mood, this post is not for you. This post is for the girls like me who struggle with productivity and have to proactively work through how to stop being lazy and depressed.

It’s not easy, trust me; you have to be very introspective to accomplish this. The monotony of work every day, finding food, working out, talking to friends and family, nurturing your partner etc. can be so overwhelming and make you feel like you don’t want to do anything. 

You feel lazy, burnt out and ultimately depressed. 

If you’re a career driven woman, mom/homemaker, both or neither, feeling blahhh about life can affect you. Laziness and depression manifest in many ways in different types of people. 

I get there at times and it’s not a fun place to be. To free myself of the laziness and depression I do a few things that I’m sure you can do too if you really try.

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How to stop being lazy and depressed. The first step to regain focus is to find the root of these feelings. 

There are a few ways you can accomplish this. But you have to be very intentional and actually have the desire to find the root. If you’re one foot in and one foot out, it’s not going to work. You have to be 100% committed to the process. Have you ever just been sick of your own shit and have the urge to do something about it? If you’re at that point and ready to commit to getting better, start here: 

  • Get over the embarrassment and be real with yourself. Most times I know EXACTLY what’s bothering me and where the depression and laziness comes from. It’s just that I’m too embarrassed or I’m lying to myself as a way to not address the issue. Because dealing with the issue can be painful. But once you can confidently call it out, you’ll be well on your way to feeling better. 
  • Another way to find the root of the issue is by acknowledging that you can’t do it alone and seek therapy. A licensed professional therapist will be able to provide you with the tools needed to get to the root. If you cannot afford a therapist, be diligent about finding an unbiased level-headed person to talk to.

There’s magic in this. And it won’t feel good at all. Having someone ask you difficult questions and basically call you out for your contribution to your demise is a hard thing to deal with. Don’t be combative, take it like a G and realize that this is a necessary step in your healing journey. 

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I swear by journaling. Not only does it help you identify the root of your issue, it also serves as a therapeutic release of emotions. 

how to stop being lazy and depressed

Releasing your emotions is necessary. If your way of releasing is screaming, crying, or working out, that’s cool too. Just make sure that you’re doing something to free yourself from negative thought patterns and feelings.

Journaling, for me, is a way to document keep track overtime of negative thoughts in hopes of recognizing a pattern and catching myself early enough to take action before falling into another cycle of depression. 

I highly recommend journaling babes. Like every single day. Set a cadence and read your entries; you’ll learn so much about who you are and what it is that you need.

The Impact of Journaling

Find a mindless hobby that make you feel joy. 

You want to find something mindless if you’re in a place where you already feel overwhelmed. Find something that requires minimal decision making; something you can do that brings you joy that you don’t have to really prepare for and doesn’t drain your energy. 

My favorite mindless hobby is coloring. I colored so much when I was younger but as an adult it just hits different. My best friend bought me a coloring book a few years ago and it was such a surprise. Not because I’ve always wanted one, but because I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would make in my mood. 

Coloring relieves stress and contributes to better relaxation. There are other mindless hobbies you can indulge in, but I highly recommend coloring. You can usually find cute coloring books and crayons in Target or on Amazon for a total less than $10. 

This is how to stop being lazy and depressed and regain focus: Plan ahead and allow others to hold you accountable. 

As long as you’ve followed the steps above, you’re prepared for these final tasks. Skipping to the planning part can be unproductive as you’re not yet clear of what your triggers are. You start with identifying the reasons for your laziness and depression, then you journal to release your feelings, next you begin to bring joy back into your life, and lastly, you plan for your future.

Planning for your future starts as small as planning your days, nights, weeks, months and so on. Daily planning is the most useful in assisting with laziness and depression. Create a morning routine, night routine, and all the bits in between.

Even if you have to make space to just cry and feel your feelings, put it in your schedule but make sure there’s an end to it. It’s also important to let people you care about in on your plan. They will be the ones to encourage you to keep going and stay on track.

You got it sis, and you’re not alone. We all go through seasons of depression and have a lack of motivation to do anything productive. But remember, you have a responsibility to yourself to achieve and accomplish all that you set out to do. Allow yourself the down moments, but get right back up and keep pushing. 

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