There’s this Facebook group that I’m a part of where there’s always a new member posting, “My dream is to have a tech job, working remotely and earning 6 figures.” While that’s not a bad goal to have and actually very attainable, people seem to have skewed ideas on how to achieve it. Some believe taking an expensive bootcamp is the way or that a particular area in tech will pay more than others. Even though there are scenarios where these beliefs are true, if you want to land your dream job, the solution is layered and nuanced. 

Cliche on the way in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1- Although it’s important to keep your end goal at the forefront of your mind, it’s equally important to enjoy the journey along the way. There are steps you can take to ensure that you are successful in landing your dream job.

Land your dream job: 6 steps to success

land your dream job

Step 1. Don’t be afraid to go hard even if your dream seems unattainable.

It’s so easy to psych yourself out with dreaming big, you may be thinking, there’s no way I can do this. But don’t do that, think big, really big, because if you can see it or dream it for yourself, then it is absolutely attainable.

Especially if you’re anything like the 20K + Facebook users in the tech group I’m a part of, wanting a remote tech position earning 6 figures; I’m telling you now, that dream is not too big. Stretch yourself, go even bigger than that.

Step 2. Make a solid plan.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t stress how important it is to make a plan. It’s key to achieving any success in life. Outside of pure luck, planning ahead will be your saving grace. And creating a plan is easy.

My go to strategy with planning is by first determining the end goal followed by setting a completion date. But if you want to land your dream job, it may not be as simple as setting a completion date since the hiring process is a bit out of your control. However, you can plan to have all your ducks in a row by a specific deadline.

Once your deadline is set, work backwards from there. Setting a plan will keep you accountable and from dragging the process for an extended period of time; ultimately, never achieving the goal. 

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Step 3. Don’t sleep on yourself, understand that with hard work, anything is possible.

Doubting your abilities to land your dream job will definitely keep you from it. You have to believe in yourself to the point where you’re able to take the necessary steps to get into a new role.

Once you’ve identified your dream job and created a plan to get to it, you have to put in the hard work. This looks like, studying the industry, tailoring your resume to the type of job you want, and practicing your interviewing skills.

You can’t just say you want the job without taking these actionable steps. I’m a firm believer in “Faith without works is dead”. This means, if you want something to happen, you have the believe in yourself along with planning and executing. That’s ultimately how you will be able to land your dream job.

Step 4. Land your dream job by putting in the hard work.

land your dream job

As mentioned above, work required to land your dream job are as follows:

  • Study the industry that you wish to work in. This could look like taking courses, earning industry certifications, going back to school or anything that will educate you on the role and responsibilities of your dream job.
  • Tailoring your resume is very important. If you’re new to the industry, identify any transferable skills you have from previous jobs and display them in a way that helps employers understand that you have experience doing a specific job function. And if you don’t have any previous experience and are new to the workforce, lean on any life skills or personal and school projects that are relevant to the role. 
  • Practice your interviewing skills. Also a crucial part of the process. There are several YouTube videos and online resources that provide role specific interview questions and answers. Reviewing these also gives you a really good idea of your daily responsibilities in the role.

Step 5. Pivot where it makes sense. 

Listen, if you get deep into the mix and realize this aint it, don’t be afraid to pivot and do something else. Don’t be committed to the point where you don’t recognize better alignment within another role or industry.

It’s not uncommon to be studying something and find yourself being interested in something else along the way. That’s totally fine. Here’s where it gets tricky and you should pay close attention; you need to pivot, cool, but be clear and reasonable with your why.

Pivoting because your current transition is too hard is probably not the best idea. Or pivoting because it’s taking too long is also not a good idea. Only pivot when you’ve genuinely lost interest or have found a new role/industry that seems like a much better fit.

Step 6. Network your ass off.

The king of this list is number 6. Networking is the most important step to land your dream job. I can’t stress enough that meeting new people and making connections is an invaluable step to achieving success.

You can join meet-up groups, attend industry seminars and networking events in your area. If you’re bold, travel to attend different events. Be open and honest about your goals as well as what you currently bring to the table.

If your dream job is to be in tech, attending events like Render ATL and AfroTech are great places to start. I am planning to attend Render ATL Render ATL in 2024 and I cannot wait!! I’m also a part of the Women of Project Management membership, a community for Black women in project management across all industries.

After joining, I was able to land my dream job and increase my salary by almost 50%. So… I encourage you to network your ass off! It’ll get you extremely close to the type of energy you’ll need around you to be successful.


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