Starting a career in a new industry can be a very scary thing to do. Some would even say it’s unnecessary. But, especially in such an uncertain time like the present, it’s very important that we are able to make changes to our lifestyles or careers when it’s necessary. If an industry you’ve been a part of for the majority of your professional career suddenly is not sustainable, don’t be afraid of learning something new! However, it can be hard to stay positive when you’re so unsure of what to expect or how to succeed in your new career. In this post, I’ve outlined 3 easy steps you can take to keep a positive attitude while changing your career.

Practice Gratitude

With anything you do in life, it’s very important to be grateful. Everyone has a very specific skillset and talent that they bring to the table. Practice waking up every morning and being grateful for whatever your talent is. Think about the interpersonal skills that you possess that any employer or client would recognize as being extremely valuable. Write those skills down and expand on them.  

Take notice of the fact that you’re in a unique position to even consider going into this new field. A lot of times, people don’t realize how much control they have over their own lives and often miss out on something they didn’t believe to be possible. But don’t fall into that limiting mindset. Be grateful that you’re able to create a plan and take the proper steps to accomplish your goals.

Just be grateful for being alive. I mean, why not. We tend to overwhelm ourselves with so many things without taking a breath to just be happy to be alive and well. Paying too much attention to things that are not working out can cause a lot of stress and less productivity.

Focus on Learning & Growing

This one is huge. When you make the decision to change your career path, more than half of your efforts should be focused on continuous education. It’s really hard to be successful at something without becoming somewhat of an expert in the field, position, or project that you want to take on. Trust me, there are soooo many skilled individuals out here; so, if you don’t have nepotism working in your favor, you’ll want to become as marketable as possible. That comes with learning and perfecting your skillset.

Another thing you can do is attend seminars that will further your understanding of the industry.  It’ll give you a chance to begin networking with the people who you want to eventually work with or for. Networking is extremely useful in transitioning in your career; something as simple as a conversation about a common leisurely interest could easily transform into an opportunity.

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Appreciate the Journey

Finally, and most importantly, just enjoy the journey. There’s nothing more exciting than starting something new! I mean seriously, who wants to be stuck in box and not explore other industries? There are some people who do and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But, for those people who may have an interest in tapping into a new industry, don’t get stuck in the mindset that you can’t. You may say to yourself, “well I went to school to become a dentist and I’ve been working in dentistry for the past 10 years so I really don’t have the skills to become a lawyer.”, I’d say you’re absolutely right. BUT… that doesn’t mean that you can’t go back to school and start a career in law. 

All we have is time in this world, we may as well spend it doing the things we want to do. [Hopefully, things that are practical and make sense.] Time doesn’t have to be a factor. Just do it, the time will pass anyway and before you know it, you’ll have an entirely different life. 

If we just skipped to the finish line of every goal we set out to accomplish, we’d miss the joy in getting there. Also, we’d miss any self-discoveries or self-defining moments that often come along with any type of challenge. You may find that you’re actually really good at something completely different than what you had originally set out to do.

So, please don’t sleep on the journey; pay close attention to how things are playing out and don’t be afraid to pivot.

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