Hey there beautiful babes! Have you heard of the 75 Hard Challenge? If not, buckle up because we’re about to dive headfirst into it and discuss how it can change your life. Picture this, you’re scrolling / browsing through the internet streets sipping on your favorite caffeinated beverage and you stumble across a 75 Hard Checklist. You’re intrigued right?

Well, you should be. Especially if you’re in a season of discomfort and craving a change in your life. A friend of mine introduced the challenge to me about a year ago and I figured it would be way too difficult to attempt. I was completely comfortable with the way things were in my life. My not-so-great eating habits, lack of consistent exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, and quite frankly, my contentment in not honoring my temple. 

And even though things have drastically changed in a positive way since then, I still crave a more significant life upgrade. Does this sound like you? If yes, there’s no better way to change your life than to try something to challenge your mental strength. It’s about pushing past your limits, facing your fears head-on, and realizing just how capable you are. So… why not take a leap of faith, are you ready to join this challenge with me? Let’s dive into this journey together and see how far we can go. It’s time to level up in more ways than one and become the best version of ourselves. 

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75 Hard Summary

I know by now you’re wondering what the 75 Hard Challenge is all about. Don’t worry, babe, I’ve got you covered. I’m here to give you the ultimate 75 Hard checklist to help you to be successful on your journey. Trust me, this challenge isn’t for the faint hearted; it’s for those of us who are ready to commit to 75 days of unwavering dedication and discipline. Below are the rules to success: 

  • Two workouts a day, one indoor and one outdoor, because we’re all about balance here.
  • Pick a diet. I don’t care if it’s Keto, Paleo or whatever else. Say goodbye to any cheat meals because we’re sticking to a strict diet for the duration of the challenge. Absolutely NO alcohol.
  • Head over to amazon right now and pick out a cute and motivational water bottle. Because yes, you guessed it, we’re drinking 1 gallon of water every day. 
  • Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book each day. 
  • Take a progress photo each day.
  • No shortcuts, no exceptions. If you mess up, you start over at day 1. 
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75 Hard Checklist

Although I am totally geeked to be starting this challenge, I’m definitely nervous about the gallon of water each day. I mean, don’t get me wrong, hydration is key, but a gallon? That’s a little O.D. But hey, if it means leveling up, count me in! The best way to prepare for a challenge like this is to get ready ahead of time. And guess what? I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put together a 75 Hard checklist to help us stay on track. Access your checklist here. It’s read only so if you to customize it, make a copy and make it your own. It includes my exact strategy for success!  Now, let’s talk about the diet aspect. As for diet… Well, I’ve decided to tackle this challenge head-on with a keto twist. So, get ready for some delicious low-carb, high-fat meals that will fuel our bodies and minds for success! 

Keto Diet Foods

If you’re diving into the world of keto with me, you’re in for a treat. The ketogenic diet, or keto for short, is a low-carb, high-fat eating plan that has gained popularity for its ability to promote weight loss and improve overall health. By drastically reducing your carb intake and replacing it with healthy fats, your body enters a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for fuel instead of carbs.

Not only can keto help you shed those stubborn pounds, but it may also improve your energy levels, mental clarity, and blood sugar control. Anytime I want to shed pounds fairly quickly without depriving myself of tasty foods, the keto diet is my go-to. So, what can you eat on keto? Think avocados, nuts and seeds, fatty fish like salmon, low-carb veggies such as spinach and cauliflower, and of course, delicious meats and cheeses. However, it’s essential to note that if keto isn’t your jam, that’s totally okay!

The key is to choose a diet that aligns with your goals and needs, whether it’s keto, paleo, vegan, or any other healthy eating plan. Remember, it’s all about finding what works best for you and your lifestyle.

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75 Hard Challenge: Fitness twice a day

Alright, let’s talk workouts, babes. So, here’s the deal: for the 75 Hard Challenge, we’re getting our sweat on twice a day. Yep, you heard me right. But don’t stress, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. The key is to find workouts that you genuinely enjoy and that fit into your daily routine.

For me, that means taking brisk walks outside while soaking in some vitamin D and catching up on my favorite podcast. There’s something about being outdoors that just makes the time fly by, you know? And to keep my strength up, I like to spice things up with a little pole fitness. If you’re in the Orlando area and are interested in pole fitness, I know a place you’d love! Trust me, it’s a killer workout that leaves you feeling like a total badass.

But here’s the thing: don’t overthink it. The goal is to make exercise a seamless part of your day, to the point where you don’t even think twice about it. So, whether it’s yoga, dancing, or hitting the gym, just find what works for you and get moving, sis. You’ve got this!

Final Thoughts: 75 Hard Checklist & Challenge

And last but definitely not least, let’s talk about the final pieces of the puzzle: reading 10 pages of a book and taking a progress photo each day. Now, I know what you’re thinking—10 pages a day sound like a breeze, right?

But trust me, when life gets hectic, finding the time to sit down with a book can be a challenge in itself. And if you’re anything like me, after 5 pages I am drained and ready to do something else! There are some people who can literally get lost in a book; I think it’s fascinating. But I’m not one of those people so I’m excited to challenge myself in that area.

And as for those progress photos? Well, let’s just say it takes some serious commitment to snap a pic every single day. But here’s the thing, babe: no days off. That’s right, zero cheating allowed. The 75 Hard Challenge is all about pushing yourself to the limit and refusing to settle for anything less than your best.

While the physical transformations are undeniable, it’s the mental strength and clarity that we need the most. So, let’s embrace the grind, stay focused, and remember that every step we take brings us one step closer to becoming all that we are destined to be. Let’s do this!


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