Are you a millennial that feels constantly bombarded with social media stereotypes of what success looks like? Maybe you’re sick of your addiction to living the “bummy life” and want to know how to level up as a woman and live the luxurious lifestyle you deserve. 

Well… Hun, I have some good news for you, it’s so simple. Living a lavish lifestyle (whatever that means to you) is not hard at all.

It seems complicated because most of us are completely content with not getting dressed, eating junk food all day, and watching trash TV.

Be real, how many of us are really motivated to get out of bed every day to do life? 

I think it’s safe to say that social media unconsciously provides motivation. A survey by Sprout social reveals that millennials specifically, use social media mostly to communicate with family and friends, to kill time, learn about new trends, and to get breaking news.

Our perception of how our friends and family members live their lives and what they value plays a huge role in how we define success. 

For whatever it’s worth, I don’t think that’s a terrible concept.

Below, I’m going to give you 7 hacks you can start today to begin to level up as a woman.

how to level up as a woman

Whether you feel like it or not, I think it’s important to understand that sometimes it’s necessary to push past the comfortability of the bum life and really do your best to level up as a woman. 

Build meaningful relationships

If you’re an introvert like me, I get how annoying this sounds. The thought of interacting with other people on a regular basis is kind of daunting. But, it’s so worth it. 

Solitude feels amazing but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of being loved and cared for by people you’ve taken the time to build relationships with. 

Black women at Create & Co Studios Orlando Florida

Tam K, Owner of Create & Co Studios and K. Essentials Hair Care

As a millennial woman, having a solid circle of friends and the willingness to develop new relationships shows that you are personable and relatable. 

It also gives you a reality check on the ways you can improve your life overall. The ways in which my friends, lovers, and acquaintances have helped me grow are priceless. 

This is the easiest first step in your journey to leveling up as a woman. The best way to meet people and start building relationships in my opinion is to go on solo dates. Look and smell amazing and people will flock to you.

how to level up as a woman
Date Night

First date vibes at the beautiful  Venetian Chop House in Orlando, Florida.

Attend networking events

Whether you’re a corporate babe or an entrepreneur, a great way to level up as a woman is to attend networking events. This is a great way to meet new people in your industry. You never know what opportunities could arise from making these impactful connections. 

I know… I know… super uncomfortable engaging in small talk and figuring out the capacity in which you relate to this rando in the room.

But – more often than not, there’s usually an immediate connection or mutually beneficial opportunity. 

And if nothing else, you’ll leave inspired by the differences you encountered. Sometimes, just making an appearance and introducing yourself is enough to leave a lasting impression. 

I recently attended the Women of Project Management conference in Atlanta, GA and O.M.G, if you are a Black woman in project management and you were not in the room, girl – what were you doing??

This was an incredible networking event and I’m super excited to attend next year. It was a sold-out event so make sure you get on the waitlist for 2023!

women of project management

@thenerdbae , @ohariona at the Women of Project Management Conference

a black pmp

Ordonna Sargeant aka @ablackpmp Project Management Coach

stella ihenacho agile coach

Develop a self-care routine

How to level up as a woman really comes down to this super basic practice. Having a faithful self-care routine is literally all you need to begin to feel better about yourself. 

Once it’s developed and you get into your routine, you’ll start to notice a boost in your mood and you’ll feel more confident every day. 

It’s good to establish either a morning, afternoon or night time routine just to get started. Now, if you can do all three, you go girl – that’s aggressive but totally doable. If I had more stability in my life I’d definitely have all three.

I love to wake up, have coffee or tea and take a hot shower. If I can at least do that every morning, I know I have a 90% chance of having a great day. 

Exercise is also a great way to show yourself love. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, a nice brisk walk will do. 

self care

Walking trail in Cobb County, GA

Find a hobby you love

Writing, painting, cooking, cycling, or dancing are all great hobbies and will help you to escape the monotony of everyday life. It’s a necessary release of stress every millennial woman should have. 

When you create space to free your mind on a weekly basis by indulging in a hobby, you’ll grow a deeper connection to yourself and find new ways to present yourself to the world. 

This is easily the biggest flex on the list. Especially if you aren’t super career driven, pouring into your hobby is a great way to level up as a woman.

Continuous education

The more you know, the more you grow is my philosophy on life. And now with DE&I programs booming, a great way to level up and get a piece of that pie is continuous education.

It’s becoming more common to see women in leadership positions so if that’s your mission, get to studying. 

And don’t sleep on Coursera and Udemy – these are great resources to have you sitting a little prettier in less than one year if you focus. 

I think it’s a great idea to always be open to learning new skills and expanding our knowledge as women. According to, 97% of early childhood educators are women and 3 out 4 public school teachers are women. 

Not only that, many of us are mothers and/or nurturers, so it’s imperative that we continue to learn new things and stay well informed.

Develop a plan

Sis, if you don’t do anything else on this list, at least have a plan. Write down your thoughts and start to organize them into actionable steps.

Give yourself a timeline if that doesn’t seem too stressful or cause anxiety. Planning ahead gives you something to work towards – something to look forward to. 

And boy oh boy when a plan comes together, the joy and feeling of accomplishment you will experience is the best!

Celebrate the small victories

I don’t care if all you did was get out of bed and finished reading a book you’ve spent the last couple of weeks on, that is to be celebrated. 

If you secured your first client for the business you just started or received your first 10 subscribers on your newest publication – celebrate. 

These are all examples of leveling up! You are one step ahead of where you were yesterday and that is a win. It also gives you the momentum to keep going.


  1. Great ideas, especially the one about networking! There are also orgs like The Gathering Spot, Black Girl Social Club, Greek-Letter and other affinity groups (Black Nurses Association, etc) that are great places to find a new tribe.

    I definitely need to polish up my routine! 🙂

    Great post!

  2. Great Article. I really appreciated the reminder to embrace being uncomfortable and to realize that discomfort is temporary and will only help get me succeed in getting to that next level. I also needed the reminder that if I claim to be a life-long learner, I need to free myself from those lazy days of binge watching Netflix and grab my laptop to earn certifications or even educate myself more on my craft and keep my skills sharp! Again, great article. Thank you for sharing.


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