I bought a new bed this year and couldn’t find any headboards that I loved. So I decided to explore a few headboard alternatives that would make sense in my new downtown apartment.

The endless searching of headboards on Wayfair, Target.com and a few of my other go-to sites just seemed too basic for the vibe I was going for. 

Not that I needed anything flashy; I just wanted something more inspiring. 

In my journey as a professional woman in tech working from the comfort of my home, it has become more and more important to make sure that my space inspires innovation, creativity and stability.

In my search for headboard alternatives, what stood out to me the most was a geometric wall design. I knew that getting it done would be somewhat of a heavy lift, but… I was up for the challenge. 

Below I’ll list a few of the other no headboard ideas I came across as well as how I achieved this look. 

headboard alternatives

Headboard Alternatives

  • Large decorative pillows also add the illusion of a headboard. You could use the pillows alone or pair them together with a painted accent wall to take it up a notch. 
  • Solid color accent walls are essential to taking your space to the next level and is perfect for a bedroom wall as it could easily take the place of a headboard. 
  • A greenery wall is also a great idea if you’re someone who loves plants, trees and enjoys natural vibes. 
  • Bookshelves or other types of shelving was also a winner among the no headboard ideas. I almost went with this option but opted out because I knew my subconscious would make me believe something would drop on my head while sleeping. But- it looks really nice and actually makes sense if you enjoy reading books before bed.

Nickesha has put together a list *with pictures* of a few other headboard alternatives. Check it out here! 

Okay, so here’s how I achieved my geometric wall. 

I started off with a blank wall and used black duct tape to create the shape I wanted. This step was needed just to prevent me from freestyle painting the geometric lines.

In hindsight I wish I would’ve done more with the shapes. But- overall I’m happy with the simplicity of this design. 

no headboard ideas

Next, I painted over the tape to create an outline. You’ll see why in the next steps.  

wall painting

The next step is to remove the tape from the wall. The paint doesn’t really need to be dry but if you want, let it sit for about 30 mins before you remove the tape. As you can see below, once the tape is removed, you have your geometric shape outlined by the paint. 

From here, continue to paint the inside of the lines where the tape was removed. 

black girl decor

At this point you want the paint to dry really well. Leave it for a couple of hours then apply blue painters’ tape over the lines to cover them while you paint the larger area of the wall. 

painting a wall

After the wall is completely painted, let it sit for around 5 hours to dry.  

grey bedroom wall
how to paint a geometric wall

Finally, remove the blue painters’ tape to reveal the geometric shape!! 

home decor
interior decor

You can leave the wall as is or add artwork and wall sconces like I did to give it some extra pizazz. 

headboard alternatives
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