The Black girl aesthetic is a bold statement of self-expression and resilience. I don’t think anyone would argue against the fact that Black women, for a while, have had a huge cultural influence via their style and have played a pivotal role in redefining beauty standards. 

Have you ever really thought about how you show up in the world and what others’ perception is of you? I do, often. Sometimes I care a lot and other times I couldn’t care less. However, your livelihood and/or social status could depend on how you present yourself. And it doesn’t really matter if you agree with it or not, it just is what it is. 

Some of our top Black and Brown influencers in the past 5 or more years have been setting a new (maybe reimagined) standard of beauty. A few of my faves and likely yours too: 

  • Patricia Bright
  • Jackie Aina
  • Teyana Taylor
  • Aaliyah Jay

There are so many others, but these women embody the different archetypes I think of when it comes to women’s style. In most friend groups you have the classy friend, the tomboy friend, the super glamorous friend, and the alternative friend. And before you shoot and say, “don’t put me in a box”, relax, it’s not that deep. Because honestly, on any given day you could fall into either of these categories. 

black women

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Take the quiz below to see where you fall and add your Black girl aesthetic to the comments below. 

What is your Black girl Aesthetic? Take the quiz below!

black girl aesthetic

Black Girl Aesthetic: What’s Your Architype Quiz

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Take this quiz to discover your Black Girl Aesthetic! Are you a classy, glam, tomboy or alternative girl? Don’t forget to share your results at the end!

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1. It’s 7am Monday morning and work starts at 9; what are you currently doing?

2 / 11

2. Your outlook on life mostly aligns with?

3 / 11

3. You feel most comfortable and confident in?

4 / 11

4. Bae calls you and says, “I’m picking you up in an hour, get dressed” without giving any details, what do you say?

5 / 11

5. Your employer is having a Christmas party, how are you coming?

6 / 11

6. What car you pulling up in?

7 / 11

7. You’re going to the moon and you can only bring one item. What you bringing?

8 / 11

8. Your favorite nails?

9 / 11

9. What sorority would you be in?

10 / 11

10. What’s your Rihanna walk through song?

11 / 11

11. People describe you as?


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