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How to Succeed in Corporate America: 12 Smart Hacks for Surviving

I’m going to be honest; fitting in can be tough. Just figuring out how to be part of a new work culture is half the battle. Be sure to get to know other team members so you can build trust and gain

break into tech

3 Ways to Break into Tech

Diversity remains one of the largest pitfalls of this lucrative industry. And in order to get your foot in the door, you have to be willing to overcome the obstacles and barriers that may…

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How to Plan a Productive Week: Proven Hacks to Accomplish More Each Day

Are you a hot mess when it comes to scheduling your work week and trying to figure out how to plan a productive week? If yes, trust me girl; I get it. 

I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient and developing a weekly planning system has really helped with…

The Truth about How to Transition in Your Career

The Truth about How to Transition in Your Career

The truth about how to transition in your career is that it’s not a quick fix. I think a good bit of people are lucky enough to just fall into a new career without trying. But those of us who have made a conscience decision to switch gears midway through our careers,...

What is Web 3.0?

Are you interested in knowing more about what Web 3.0 is? I realize I’m a bit late to the game, but I stumbled across a reel on AfroTech’s Instagram page a few weeks ago and my curiosity got the best of me. After watching a few YouTube videos and browsing the web,...

3 Ways to Break into Tech

There’s no 1 single way to break into tech. Nor a particular company type or specific degree. And believe it or not, many people claim they “just fell into it”. Whatever that means, it’s no help to individuals trying to break into tech. Judging by the few “Break into...

5 In Demand Non-Coding Tech Careers

5 In Demand Non-Coding Tech Careers

When I decided I wanted to pursue a more technical career, I assumed it was as simple as learning how to code. Naturally, I think a lot of people prior to doing research, believe the same.  I think this misconception is a deterrent that needs to be cleared up....

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How to Level Up as a Woman (7 Hacks to Start Today)

Are you a millennial that feels constantly bombarded with social media stereotypes of what success looks like? Maybe you’re sick of your addiction to living the “bummy life” and want to know how to level up as a woman and live the luxurious lifestyle you deserve. ...

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