So, you’ve launched your blog and you’re wondering why it’s not going as planned. I know the feeling. It takes really hard work just like anything else you’d want to be successful at. However, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid making if you want to make your life as a blogger much easier.

Making money the only motivation.

This is by far the biggest mistake you can make as a blogger. I’m a part of a few blogging groups and I see this statement often, “I’ve been blogging for 6 months and I haven’t made any money, I’m feeling like giving up.” Well, if you’re blogging simply to make money, you’ll likely give up fairly quickly.

Starting a blogging business is similar to starting any other business. You’ll need to do some major investing up front before seeing any returns. This could be monetary and/or time investing. Likely both if you’re serious. When I started my blog, I had no intentions of monetizing. I simply wanted to learn more about how to use WordPress and how to navigate different web properties as I’m transitioning in my career. As a result, certain opportunities that I did not expect were presented to me.

If you’re blogging simply to make money, that’s cool n all but it’ll be much harder to get where you want to be if you don’t actually enjoy the process with or without the money.

Not focusing on Pinterest.

Honestly, I could kick myself for not focusing on Pinterest when I started my blog. And the sad part is, I knew that the majority of pro-bloggers swore by Pinterest as their number one traffic source. Instead, I focused on paying to advertise my blog posts on Facebook. Doing this brought me lots of traffic but I obviously needed more. The more the better. Unless you’re able to create a viral post in the first few months, gaining traffic will be a struggle.

Although I had been pinning each time I posted a new article on my blog, it wasn’t enough to bring a significant number of visitors to my website. So, I decided to take a Pinterest course to see how to best use the platform. Can I just say, “wow”! There were some really basic things that I learned from this course. First of all, I had not claimed my website or made my profile SEO friendly. Sounds really simple but those 2 things actually made a huge difference.

Once I got the basics figured out, I begin to pin multiple pins each day. The course says that 10-15 pins a day is standard, but I do my best to pin at least once daily; twice if I’m feeling ambitious. Doing this brought me a good amount of free traffic and about 15 new subscribers within a two-week period. Seriously… don’t sleep on Pinterest.

Not collecting emails.

Collecting emails is one of the most important things to do as a new blogger. This is how you will really be able to connect with your audience and keep them up to date with new blog posts. This is something I failed to focus on in the beginning of my journey, because like I said, I was just looking to learn how to use WordPress and develop a website.

As I began to learn more about blogging as a business, I realized that email marketing was a great way to keep my readers engaged with my content. If you want to make blogging your business by selling digital products or advertising, collecting emails is crucial!

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Whether you’re a nerd like me and  you take pleasure in challenging yourself  or  you genuinely  just want to write about your experiences, make sure to avoid these mistakes if you’re looking to grow your blog. 

It’s not going to come quickly or easy, and you’ll likely quit before you even get started.

One thing that helps me keep my focus is to remember my why. I keep in mind why I started this blogging journey in the first place and that motivates me to keep going. I’ve also grown to love the writing process so that helps. The biggest thing that keeps me going is when I hear random people, or people I haven’t spoke to in years say, “Hey Nerd Bae!!” that literally makes my heart skip a beat to know that people are paying attention. It gives me a sense of responsibility to continue the process.

So, from DAY ONE, stay true to yourself and think, not for money, focus of Pinterest and collect emails. If your content is bomb which I’m sure it is, everything else will fall into place.


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