It’s that time again. The time of year when we begin to lay it all on the line. We gather our thoughts about what has transpired over the last 3 years; and what has and hasn’t worked. Many of us tend to become overnight politicians (rightfully so) and some of us could give ZERO f&^ks about who the next man / woman in charge is. Consequently and with forewarning, some of us begin to lose Facebook friends. The petty arguments and subliminal shots fired between you and your colleague of 5 years and the constant use of the BLOCK button. And all because… you’re just now realizing that omg… everyone does not share your same views of the world.

The nerve…

Donald J. Trump


I’ve said this in a previous blog post, I’m mostly intrigued with people who do not share the same world views as I do. A difference in opinion or even morals and values isn’t a deal breaker in friendships for me. There’s a lot that can be learned from people who do not think the same as you. With that being said………. There are some things that we all should be aware of this election cycle. No matter what side you’re on, [you obviously have to pick a side] it’s important that you know and really understand who you are and what you stand for. 

Kamala Harris


Below are 3 things I believe we all should be aware of in the 2020 election.

Fake News

Guys, seriously. Do some research before sharing posts from frikfrakbum.scam claiming that the political candidate that you’re against is doing something shady. It’s not fair or true. It’s just a way to spread a narrative that gullible people will gravitate to and believe to be true. From there, they’ll go and spread that to their peers and before you know it, there will be group of people headed to the polls ready to vote based off a bogus news link. Even if the news link you use is credible, right, or left leaning, be sure that it’s based on facts. A good friend of mine introduced me to this media bias chart and I’ve been using it as a double check for myself as I share certain stories with my peers. And always check the url to make sure it’s not a phony website. 

According to researchers at the University of Colorado, individuals on either end of the liberal and conservative spectrum are the culprits of sharing the most fake news. Not hard at all to believe. These are the people who will go to any lengths to further their agenda. While moderates, and independents tend to examine both sides and align where it fits best. In any event, it’s imperative for this election cycle that we do our best to not share fake news. I believe whole heartedly in individual responsibility BUT… we still have the intellectual responsibility to do our best with being as honest as possible with the messages we spread.

Race Baiting & Identity Politics

LGBTQIA+, race and religion are hot topics during election time. But because I’m a Black American woman whose great great grandparents are from here, I’d like to focus on Black American women. After all, according to, Black women are one of the most important group of voters in the 2020 elections based on the 2018 midterm elections. It should also be noted that Black women are the backbone of the Democratic party. The party that thrives on identity politics. I strongly believe that Democratic candidates should be VERY careful about how they respond to the demands of their most loyal voters. And Black women voters should be very clear about why they are aligning with this party outside of the most common reason we hear “to get rid of the racist, Donald Trump”. That is simply not enough anymore. Policies should override rhetoric every time.

However, with the recent VP pick, Kamala Harris, it’s clear that their voices are being heard and I would consider that a good thing. But we’ve all heard the saying, “All skin folk ain’t kin folk”. And it’s my personal belief based on history, that just because someone looks like you, doesn’t mean they have your best interest at heart.   

Jussie Smollet


A study by Paw Research centers claims that more than 50% of Joe Biden’s supporters are voting for him based on the fact that he is not Donald Trump.

And sadly, less than 10% are voting for Joe Biden based on his position in certain policies. Yikes.

This is not to say that recognizing racism and discrimination of any group should be ignored. I’d only encourage my readers to redirect their priorities to the things that will actually help move the country forward. Like, educational advancements and economic empowerment among minorities.


Lastly, people will certainly try to bully you into voting a certain way. Don’t fall for it; have a mind of your own. They’ll start by playing the blame game, then move towards name calling and if they’re bold, threaten your livelihood. Trust me, I’ve seen it all. Bulling in politics is a thing. I was surprised to read that it trickled down all the way to middle school aged children! Studies by Professor Francis Huang of Dewey Cornell observed increased bullying related to voting preferences.

“While the ways in which the presidential election could have affected students is likely complex, educators and parents should be aware of the potential impact of public events on student behavior,” said Cornell. “Parents should be mindful of how their reactions to the presidential election, or the reactions of others, could influence their children. And politicians should be mindful of the potential impact of their campaign rhetoric and behavior on their supporters and indirectly on youth.”

Just take yourself and your opinions to the voting booth and pray that your values are represented in the offices you’ve voted for. Please beware of these 3 things as you prepare to cast your vote in a few months. Be informed and carry on accordingly.

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