Are you a zodiac freak? The type of person to preface every excuse with “well I’m a/an [insert zodiac sign] so that’s why I’m like this”? Or do you automatically judge someone else based off their sign?

I do, not really but sometimes. The zodiac is basically a made-up idea that people are born with pre-determined personality traits. Something to do with the position of the earth in relation to the sun when you are born. However, this depends on the type of chart you look at. Some are based on the earth as the center and some with the Sun as the center.

Anyway, apparently Ophiuchus has now claimed itself as an official member of the zodiac; Making those of us born between Nov. 20 and Dec 17 believe that we need to accept this as our new sign.

A real Sag would never acknowledge that.

For this post, I’m going to give you some insight on what it’s like to be friends with or date a Sagittarius woman. But before I get into all of that, let me provide you with some of the basic Sag information.

Element  – Fire

Traits – Honest, Optimistic, Adventurous, Independent, Philosophical

Ruler – Jupiter

Compatibility – Leo, Gemini, Aries, Virgo

Disclaimer ^ compatibility based on my own experience with friends and romantic partners

Fun Fact – Sagittarius is located in the [center] of the Milky Way galaxy. It also contains a black hole named Sagittarius A* (pronounced A star) located near the border of the constellation. The hole contains a mass around 4 million times our sun’s mass. Whew!

Okay let’s get into it.

[[First, let me admit this. Although I am a proud Sagittarius, I do not speak for ALL. So, please don’t come for me. ]]

Freedom Loving

Starting here makes sense because it’s probably the most apparent characteristic for all Sagittarians. But Sag women in particular really appreciate when their friends and partners just let them be free. Free to travel, free to think and free to do whatever it is their heart desires. We enjoy our independence and absolutely despise clinginess.

I can remember a time when I went on a group trip to the west coast with a group of 6 friends. By the last day, I ended up ditching the group, including my then boyfriend to explore the city. I left the air bnb around 7am, took an Uber into the city and rented a bike for $20. I biked 4 miles up a hill to the Golden Gate Bridge, another 1.7 miles to cross it, and another 2.8 miles to a beautiful city nearby. From there I took a ferry ride back to the city and biked for a few more hours.

Crucifixion by a few was expected but I knew it had to be done for my own peace of mine. I absolutely love group travel but having at least 1 day to disappear is the most exciting part.


Contrary to popular belief, Sagittarians can also be very loyal and domestic. A Sagittarius women who does not travel often would likely be exploring a new subject to study. They love deep thoughts and are open to new perspectives. Which brings me to my next point.

Intrigued by Intellect

This may be true for all women but for sure Sagittarius women. When a person can teach them something, it provides a link into a new understanding. Even though we may not always agree, Sagittarians are always open to gain more knowledge. One thing I’ve realized about myself and other Sagittarius women is that we sometimes think we know it all. Because of our studious nature, we automatically have this extreme self-confidence. And we’re definitely intrigued by others with a similar mentality.  

Personally, I usually pick friends and partners who I can learn something from. For friends, I could care less if you are Bernie supporter or quite frankly if you believe the Earth is flat. As long as you’ve done your research and can form an educated opinion, I can get down with it. I’d actually be very interested in that kind of friendship. As for a partner, umm negative.

Sensitive, Not Emotional

I know you’re probably like… what is the difference? For a Sagittarius woman, being openly emotional is kind of cringy. Don’t expect lengthy messages or long expressive conversations about how they feel inside. This often leaves friends and lovers feeling a bit unsure of where they stand with their Sag.

Sagittarius women are more sensitive. Meaning if a friend or lover upsets them, they’re more likely to just peep game and keep it moving. There would be no love lost, but the relationship dynamic will surely change. This is Sag’s way of reacting. The idea is that people should be able to be free in who they are without having the emotional obligation to someone else. So, personally, I’d prefer to free myself  from the situation rather than imposing my feelings. 

 Above all, Sagittarius women make for the most loyal and trustworthy friend and partner. We’re also fun, charismatic and super blunt. We love and care deeply for the people in our lives even though we may not always show it. But when you’re loved by a Sag, it’s literally the best feeling ever. Overly generous as we’ll basically sing your praises and give you the world even after you’ve crossed us. We may not speak to you ever again in life, but Sagittarians have a way of loving and sending blessings from a far. 

What’s your zodiac sign?

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