Last Sunday around 11am I got in my new car, picked up one of the besties and drove down to Ft Lauderdale, Fl to see my girl crush in the flesh. Blexit had come to Florida and there was no way in hell I was going to miss the experience.

I imagined it would be a bunch of Trump supporters yelling out MAGA and spewing a lot of anti-leftist rhetoric; but to my surprise, it was actually quite different. I mean, I’ll be honest, there were some extremist there being overly obnoxious and… extreme; those people I assume are just out looking for attention; but the majority of the crowd, like me, seemed to be there just looking for inspiration and new ideas.

As me and my boy Ed walked in, we were given Blexit T-shirts and asked if we wanted to become members of Blexit to be able to sit in the front row. Obviously, I said duhh where do I sign? So, we both had to pay a $20 membership fee and were escorted to our reserved “members only” section in the front. (sorry Ed, not sorry) You knew what you signed up for when you got in the car. –

We arrived about 30 minutes before the program began so I waited anxiously and took pics.

Suddenly the lights turned off and there was a video playing on this huge screen behind the stage that showcased Black families living, laughing and enjoying each other. No one had come out to speak yet and I was already so moved by images of what reminded me of my family and childhood… almost to the point of tears; just realizing how blessed I was to have been surrounded by so much love growing up.

“We Got Love” by Kanye West was playing in the background; the whole vibe in the building was so heartwarming. The famous “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. also played and it reminded me of why I’ve always felt such a deep obligation to offer my voice for the people I love; the people who feel worthless because of the way they look, think or where they come from.

Finally, the announcer introduced Candace Owens and the crowd went nuts.

Favorites of the Evening

Dinesh D’Souza

This was my first time hearing him speak. In a nutshell, he spoke about how the Scandinavian model of socialism would not work in America. Or any form of socialism for that matter. – I’d have to agree; although I did find their model of socialism quite interesting because for a while, I kind of assumed that socialism per Bernie Sanders just meant taxing the hell out of the rich and giving to the poor. But the type of socialism he proposes is a little different. In the Scandinavian model, everybody working a full time job is taxed. There’s no minimum wage and you can basically make as much money as you want, but at the end of the year, be prepared to pay about 50% or more of that back.

It doesn’t sound like a terrible idea when I think about it but only if everyone made over $100k/yr [highly unlikely, but possible]. Some people are just not as fiscally ambitious as others. High taxes on those making anything less than 100k/yr could  make the poverty situation worst in my opinion. I’d love to know your thoughts on any form of socialism.

Larry Elder

Probably my favorite of the night. I had watched many of his YouTube videos before this night but being able to see him live and speak so passionately about how hard his father worked to provide for his family regardless of the unjust circumstances in the Jim Crow south; working for pennies and willing to take any job really made me think and feel for of my own hard working father. Larry spoke about how his father  faced so many obstacles and roadblocks, but nothing stopped him from continuing to push forward and do whatever needed to be done for his family.

[I could tell in Larry’s posture and tone that his father had majorly impacted his views of society. He refuses to be seen as a victim and believes that it’s because of the hard work put in by those before us, we are able to enjoy the liberties we have today.]


Probably the most entertaining of the group; after he spoke about how he [made it out] of a destructive lifestyle, he introduced a friend of his, @brysoncreates to the stage to turn up! He performed a rap song called “Save the Babies” Yall… please listen to this and tell me what you think LOL.

The other Two Speakers:

Brandon Tatum, a former police officer who clearly loves the hell out of his wife. He spoke about her frequently throughout the night while she was sitting in the front row smiling back at him. He spoke about God and having faith and expressed his gratitude for the boys in blue. And, Will Witt, he showed us a clip of him walking around at some University I can’t remember the name; but basically, he was wearing a sombrero and Mexican inspired garments asking students if they were offended by what he was wearing.

Most of the students (non-Mexican) said yes, they were offended because him wearing those garments were a form of cultural appropriation. Next, Will went to ask a group of Mexicans if they were offended by the garments and they said no, they thought he looked really nice. So his point was basically that nowadays everyone is so easily offended and he thought it was weird that Mexicans were not offended but non-Mexicans were. Funny observation. You can find the video here.

By this time, a half-naked blondie with the voice of an angel came out and sang, “My Country ‘Tis of Thee and Amazing Grace. After all, it was Sunday and by the end of the night it felt like I had just attended church.

Candace Owens ended the night by coming out to thank everyone for showing up and left us with this powerful message; she said something along the lines of, “We may not ever see the fruits of our labor come to full fruition but there is so much power in at least planting the seed”.

That meant so much to me even with regards to the nerd bae… If I can inspire, “plant a seed” with at least one person during my blogging journey, my job is done.

I would love to know your thoughts!

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