1.  Planning is King

Without a solid plan, it’s extremely difficult to stay motivated. Planning is THE most important part of blogging in my opinion. I used some of the same methods that I would in starting a project at work, for the launch of my blog. I created digital files for management, drafted my purpose, content strategy, milestone dates, schedule and budget to stay on track and ensure a successful launch. Now that my blog is launched, I’ve learned that it’s still very important to continue the planning process to avoid feeling lost and unsure of what to write about or how to get people to engage. These are things that require constant research and planning to ensure the delivery of the best content possible.

I did so much planning before the launch of my blog and not much after; this led to my frustration and lack of motivation because I had no idea what to do next. I had a bunch of ideas written down but no real plan in place. So I’ve come up with a method to ensure that I’m always up to date and motivated each week when it’s time to upload; [ L P E ] 

-Learn – read, research and study blogging trends, popular topics, industry insights and controversy.

-Plan – find the perfect angle and outline thoughts, opinions and strategies to appeal to readers.

-Execute – start writing, publish post and market to target audience.

2.  Everyone is Not a Supporter

I knew this going into my blog journey and it wasn’t really a concern of mine until I actually saw who was supporting and who wasn’t. My digital marketing consultant warned me at our first meeting that friends and family are not going to be the biggest supporters; He told me that I needed to appeal to readers who were actually interested in the things that I would be blogging about. I learned that it’s more beneficial to gain support from my target audience (duhh) and to not get too caught up in who wasn’t sharing and reposting my content.

Afterall, your target audience are going to be the people liking, commenting, sharing and expressing genuine interest in your blog as opposed to family and friends who may not be interested, but want to show support because it’s you. I mean… I’m good with both, but it’s more desirable to have the first.

3.  You have to Really Want it

There’s nothing more depressing than getting up everyday to do something that you don’t really care to do. Making money blogging won’t happen immediately which is why it’s important to actually like the content creation process. I actually started my blog as an impulsive decision after writing my first post on being 30, unmarried and childless; after reading it, I thought damn.. I should start a blog. And that same night, I did. This was also a great opportunity for me to immerse myself in the tech space and learn new skills in information technology; I didn’t expect to really love the writing process but surprisingly it proved to be very therapeutic and necessary to my growth as a blogger.

Even though I’d love to eventually make millions of dollars, (lets be all the way real) I learned that blogging is not as simple as writing and taking cute pictures, It’s a full time job that requires a lot of commitment. Having passion for writing and creating is half the battle; it’s really important to enjoy the process.  

4.  It’s Okay to Ask for Help

OK… this one was a shocker. Back to my digital marketing consultant; he told me that I would need to focus on creating content and have someone else maintain the website and marketing aspect. [ of course, he meant himself lol ] But, I was hardheaded and figured I could do it all by myself because I’m something like superwoman and I don’t need help. Sike. He was right, I needed help. Big time. I work a full-time job and the little hours I have left for fitness, food and sleep were replaced with working on my blog. Who needs food, sleep or exercise when you can obsess over how to “social media and web-design”? Ha! Well, I started to feel crazy and delusional so I did what a logical person would do, seek help. I went on sunbiz.org, started my LLC and wrote my first job description. I quickly learned that if I wanted to take my blogging business serious, I needed to have a team of dedicated individuals to step in to provide some of the skills that I lack.

5.  Be Social

This is self-explanatory. I learned that my anti-social behavior would not help me make blog friends and build a community. I needed to get out more into the city and meet different people, travel more and build my online presence. How are people going to know about thenerdbae.com if I don’t tell them? Putting myself out there for people to see and judge was really scary; but after 1 month, and all the love I’ve received, I’m more confident and overall happy that I took that leap.  

Thenerdbae.com  has been live for 1 month but the efforts in creating this space have been in effect for 4 months. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, don’t think too long, just do it, get into it and you’ll find out fairly quickly if it’s something you’d be into. You might think to yourself like I did, “how hard could it be to write and manage a quality website?” Whew… I was in for a beautiful awakening. Blogging with the intent to monetize is an actual job that you have to be willing to work for! So far, I love it and I can’t wait to see how the next 5 months will play out.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

If you have any technical questions about what platform, hosting and theme I use, let me know! I’d love to make a separate post focusing on that!

Happy blogging and Happy New Year!!

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